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Changes & Cancellations


If you wish to cancel your NYU Summer Housing reservation, please complete the cancellation form available within the NYU Housing Portal opens in a new window.

To access the cancellation form:

  • Log in to the NYU Housing Portal opens in a new window
  • Select ‘Summer in New York City’ and click Access
  • Click 'Summer Housing Registration' in the top purple bar
  • Click ‘Continue’ next to Summer 2024
  • Complete the Cancellation Form on your confirmation page

Cancellations can only be processed for reservations that have not yet begun. If you have already checked in and wish to reduce the duration of your reservation, please visit the Departure/Arrival Hub within the Housing Portal instead.

Cancellation fees are assessed based on the date your cancellation is received. After your cancellation is processed, NYU will issue a credit to your Bursar account of your housing payments less the cancellation charge you have been assessed. Provided you do not have any other outstanding charges on your Bursar account, the credited amount will be refunded to you.

Cancellation fees will not be assessed to registrants who have not yet made any payments, or to registrants who cancel and re-register on the same day.

Cancellation Fee Schedule:

Before April 15

  • $50.00

Between April 15 and May 15

  • $125.00

After May 15

  • $500.00

Reservation Change Request Form

The reservation change form available on the NYU Housing Portal opens in a new window makes significant changes to a summer reservation which may impact summer housing charges. Reservation change requests are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the spring and summer. Roommate requests can be made using the reservation change form - please note that NYU only considers requests submitted by all/both prospective roommates.

Individual residents (i.e. not participating in a Summer Housing Group) may use the form to request a room change. The form accepts requests to change into a room type that is or has been selectable on the housing registration forms (e.g. shared room in a shared suite in Carlyle Hall), but does not allow change requests for specific room layouts or features (e.g. corner room, two bedroom suite, etc.). If your reservation has not yet begun and a room of the requested type becomes available, the room change will be processed and you will receive email confirmation with the new room information. If the reservation has already begun and a room of the requested type becomes available, you will be notified that a room change offer is awaiting your approval in the NYU Housing Portal.

Participants of Summer Housing Groups who are responsible for their own housing charges may use the form to change their prorated weeks of stay, with a minimum three week reservation. Requests must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of the earliest affected date to be considered. You will recieve email confirmation of the change when your request is approved. Group participants may not use the form to request room changes because the room type and location has been clustered by program.

Conference guests, residents not responsible for their own charges, and students in NYU high school programs are not eligible to use the reservation change form.

Departure/Arrival Hub

Departure/Arrival Hub

Summer residents should use the departure/arrival hub to indicate the days they plan to check-in and check-out of their summer reservation. Using this form will not impact charges. Selected dates must fall within full reservation dates. The departure/arrival hub accepts adjustments to either the arrival date or the departure date; if you wish to change both, you should submit twice.

Please submit updates to the Arrival and Departure Hub as soon as you are aware of any changes to your dates of stay so that NYU can send arrival and departure messages to you in a timely manner.