Group Housing Blocks

NYU Conference Groups

NYU Summer Housing offers nightly reservations to NYU programs and departments with at least 10 group participants, all of whom meet our eligibility criteria. Reservations can begin and end anytime within our Summer dates.

Creating a group reservation holds a given number of bed spaces in close proximity within a residence hall for your conference. When your department knows who will be attending the conference, a representative will fill out an NYU Housing-supplied roster of participants using the reserved bed spaces. NYU Housing will then make room assignments and send arrival instructions to the program, which the program should distribute to conference participants. Conference participants will learn their room assignments upon arrival at the residence hall. NYU Housing provides linens for conference groups.

2024 Nightly Rates & Payment

Bookings in a conference group reservation are charged at a nightly rate. Most participants of conference groups do not have NYU ID numbers and therefore cannot be billed via individual NYU Bursar accounts, so NYU housing invoices the sponsoring department directly.

Default assignments are single rooms in multi-bedroom apartments, but shared rooms in multi-bedroom apartments are available upon request.


Shared Room
In a multi-bedroom suite
Single Room
In a multi-bedroom suite
Apartment Style
With Kitchen
$85 /person/night $130 /person/night

Adjusting Group Size

Any cancellations or bed reductions made in writing at least 6 weeks before the group's arrival on-campus will not incur cancellation fees. Later, if less than 90% of reserved bed spaces are ultimately used by the conference group, the sponsoring NYU program or department will incur cancellation fees of $50 per unused bed space. Additional spaces may be approved on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability at the time of request.

Process Lifecycle

Process Lifecycle


    An NYU program creates a group housing request and receives an automatic summary of request form responses. NYU Housing and the program correspond about any questions or concerns regarding the group reservation.


    NYU Housing creates an official email thread for the group, delivering the group housing license and a confirmation document detailing the reservation (hall placement, rates, deadlines, etc.). The program requests any changes and NYU Housing provides written confirmation of any adjustments to the reservation details.


    The program signs and returns both the confirmation document and the group housing license. NYU Housing provides a roster template to the program and reminds program admins of the last day to adjust the estimated participant count (fee policy above).


    The program adjusts estimated participant count if necessary.


    The program returns the completed roster. NYU Housing makes room assignments for all of the group participants.


    NYU Housing provides arrival and departure information to the program coordinator, who is responsible for communicating that information to the group participants.


    The program’s group participants arrive on campus after 9am, learn their room assignments, collect their linens, and enjoy their stay at NYU.


    The program’s group participants depart NYU by 12pm.


    NYU Housing sends an invoice to the group for their participants’ summer charges. The program remits payment and shares any feedback.

Residence Halls

Residence Halls

University Hall opens in a new window

110 East 14th Street

(212) 443-3600

Single bedrooms in shared suites, apartment style.

Shared bedrooms available upon request.

Founders Hall opens in a new window

120 East 12th Street

(212) 443-4390

Single bedrooms in shared suites, traditional style.

Shared bedrooms available upon request.

Palladium Hall opens in a new window

140 East 14th Street

(212) 998-4385

Single bedrooms in large multi-bedroom apartments.

Single studio stand-alone apartments may be available upon request.