Living at NYU

Moving In & Out

Checking In

Pre-Arrival Steps

Review the pre-arrival notice sent via email about 2 weeks prior to your scheduled arrival for details on these steps:

  1. Review what to bring and pack your belongings
  2. Submit your NYU ID card photo
  3. Go to the Departure/Arrival Hub within the NYU Housing Portal and select your expected arrival and departure days.
  4. If someone will be helping you move in, follow guest policy procedure opens in a new window

Arrival Steps

Check in begins at 9:00am on your arrival day.

  1. Go directly to your assigned residence hall and let staff know you are checking in
  2. Show a government-issued photo ID
  3. Pick up your room keys and NYU ID card and proceed to your room
    1. Note that some residence halls are currently testing a beta program for keyless doors, with locks operated by smartphone app or NYU ID. Your residence hall will let you know upon check in if your suite is keyless.
    2. When checking in, you will either receive a mailbox key or a mailbox combination code. Mailboxes are shared among all suitemates.

Checking Out

Pre-Departure Steps

Review the checkout notice sent via email about 5 days prior to your scheduled departure for details on these steps:

  1. Pack your belongings
  2. Clean your room and take out the trash
  3. Take our checkout survey to provide feedback on your stay

Departure Steps

  1. Submit your clean room video
  2. Return your keys and NYU ID
    1. If you depart within resource center hours, proceed to the resource center to return your keys and NYU ID. You will sign out and will have the opportunity to provide a mail forwarding address.
    2. If you depart outside resource center hours, you may deliver your keys and NYU ID to the key dropbox by following the express checkout instructions in your checkout notice.

Failure to properly clear your room or return your keys and NYU ID may result in a fee assessed to your bursar account.