Living at NYU


Guest Policy

Residents can sponsor non-NYU guests on campus. Guests who are not otherwise affiliated with New York University must be pre-registered and signed-in and -out by their host. Residents should submit a sponsorship form opens in a new window in advance of each visitor's arrival, each time they visit NYU. Housing residents should list "Other" as the sponsoring NYU Department when submitting the sponsorship form. Please review the official guest policy opens in a new window for additional information.


Effective vaccines, higher population-level immunity, and more widely available medication has greatly reduced the risk of medically significant disease and hospitalization from Covid-19 today. With this in mind, effective May 11, 2023, NYU ended its requirement for COVID-19 vaccinations and the requirement to upload proof of vaccination. Vaccination is still strongly recommended and masks are always welcome in our residence halls. Exemption requests are no longer necessary.

NYU Returns opens in a new window outlines ongoing guidance including what to do if you test positive while living at NYU. opens in a new window

Conduct Policies

New York University expects that all residents and guests of its housing facilities behave in a manner consistent with all University, Housing, and Residential Life policies. Residents who engage in behavior that violates these policies will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include immediate revocation of their Summer Housing License without refund.

All on-campus residents are encouraged to review the Residential Life Handbook opens in a new window in addition to the University Student Conduct Policy opens in a new window. All student conduct cases will be resolved utilizing the Student Conduct Procedures opens in a new window.

Summer Residential Life Policies

Alcohol & Smoking

Residents and guests may possess or consume alcoholic beverages in their residence hall room as long as each person possessing and consuming alcohol is 21 years of age or older and the consumption and service of alcohol is in compliance with New York State Law. According to University Policy, if any resident of the suite is under the age of 21, all alcohol must be stored within the personal area of the 21+ resident(s) rather than in the common spaces.

Smoking is prohibited in all University residence halls.


Damages caused by a resident or their guest(s) will be the resident’s responsibility. An assessment will be made of any damages, and the cost will be billed to the resident involved. All roommates/suitemates share the responsibility for damage of common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Maintaining suite cleanliness is the responsibility of the residents. NYU does not provide housekeeping services during a resident’s stay. Residents can visit their hall’s resource center (front desk) to borrow a vacuum, broom, and dustpan temporarily. The resource center also provides free toilet paper and trash bags to residents. It is the responsibility of summer residents to obtain all other necessary supplies for cleaning. Rooms must be clean and free of trash upon check out to avoid extra cleaning fees.

Lost Keys

If a resident loses their key temporarily, they may visit the Resource Center (front desk) at their residence hall for a loaner key up to 4 times during their stay. If a resident permanently loses their key and does not return it at the end of their stay in summer housing, NYU reserves the right to charge lost key fees of up to $150, as the locks on the bedroom and/or suite must be replaced.


Pets, except for tropical fish, are not permitted in the residence halls. For ESA requests, visit the Moses Center for Student Accessibility. opens in a new window

Controlled Substances

The possession, use, or distribution of an illegal or controlled substance and/or related paraphernalia is prohibited. This includes the possession or use of controlled substances without a valid prescription.