Services for Residents

Athletic Facilities

NYU Athletic Facilities will be open this summer.

Summer residents have access to the Palladium Athletic Facility, 140 East 14th Street; 404 Fitness, 404 Lafayette Street; and the Brooklyn Athletic Facility, 6 Metrotech Center. Facilities include an olympic-size swimming pool (Palladium only), weight room, fitness room, rock-climbing wall and other amenities. Not all facilities will be available at all times during the summer. Summer residents must have a valid NYUCard (photo ID) and must show their Daily Screener in order to access the NYU Athletic Facilities. Residents must be at least 16 years of age for access.

For additional information or more information, please visit the NYU Athletics Web site at

Campus Cable

NYU Campus Cable provides cable television service in most Summer Housing residence halls through Philo, an online streaming solution. For a complete list of channels available on Philo, please visit the NYU Campus Cable website. To learn more about Philo, please visit our website.

In addition to Philo, HBO MAX is provided to summer residents who reside in any residence hall where Philo is available.

Health Center Access

The New York University Student Health Center was designed specifically to meet the health care needs of enrolled NYU students. This state-of-the-art medical facility is staffed by highly trained and experienced clinicians and support staff. The Student Health Center provides routine checkups, management of chronic health problems, and treatment for injuries or illnesses.

During the summer, enrolled students have access to the NYU Student Health Center (residents under 18 years of age will require parental consent for treatment). The SHC provides many medical services at no or low cost. If a procedure has a fee associated with it, the individual or his/her insurance company will be billed.

Summer residents that are not matriculated NYU students and are not intending to enroll for a class at NYU this summer are not eligible to utilize the NYU Student Health Center. When completing the Summer Housing application, all non-enrolled applicants must affirm that they have private health insurance or other financial resources to cover their health needs.

Internet Connectivity & Printing

Wireless internet connectivity is provided in all residence halls. For more information about connecting your device to NYU wireless, please visit

Please note that wireless service may be unavailable for very brief periods during the Summer due to periodic system maintenance.

NYU Print Service is not available to non-NYU students.


Each residence hall is equipped with washers and dryers. Most residence hall laundry machines only accept payment via the Hercules app.

Please Note: In some residence halls, laundry machines do not accept the Hercules app. Residents should check at the resource center in their assigned hall about laundry machine access.

In the event of maintenance problems, residents should speak with the resource center staff in their assigned hall.

Library Access

Summer residents who are enrolled for classes or are matriculated NYU students may access the library. Non-NYU, not affiliated Summer residents may become a member of the “Friends of Bobst Library” which will permit limited access to reading materials.

For Summer 2022, we anticipate non-NYU students who attend institutions that are members of the RLG Shares program will be permitted access to the library. For more information, visit the RLG Shares website or view the full list of member institutions.

For additional information, including changes to access due to the University’s response to COVID-19, please visit Bobst Library.


Mail is delivered daily, Monday through Saturday (except holidays), and placed in each resident’s mailbox. To facilitate delivery of mail, please provide your name, street address, room number, New York, NY, and zip code. Do not include NYU in the address because it may slow delivery.

When changing buildings or checking out, residents should fill out a change of address form at the resource center. Only first-class mail will be forwarded.

No mail/packages will be accepted for any resident prior to the start of a reservation. Packages may be picked up at the Resource Center. Residents may not leave packages at the resource center for UPS or other carriers for pick-up.


In order to request a repair, residents can submit an online service request form or call 212-998-1001 during business hours.

Requests for repair are generally responded to within a 24- to 72-hour period, although repairs requiring special parts or procedures may take more time to be completed.

Emergencies, such as major leaks, flooding, broken door locks, or any problem that endangers property or safety, should be immediately reported to the resource center or campus safety officer.

Since NYU residence halls are open year-round, it may be necessary to perform work, such as painting, in residence hall rooms during occupancy. Residents will be notified in advance of any routine work that will be done in their rooms.