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Requesting Roommates

Roommate/suitemate requests cannot be guaranteed.

Each applicant may request to form a roommate/suitemate group with one other applicant. Both applicants must have the same gender designation (male identified, female identified, or gender-neutral) in order to form a roommate/suitemate group.

Both group members should join the roommate group within 2 days of each other. To increase the possibility of being assigned together, it is important that roommates request the same arrival dates, the same residence hall, and the same room type on their applications.

Important Note: Unfortunately, applicants cannot request a roommate who already has a NYU Summer Housing assignment. Once you are assigned, you may submit an assignment change request to request living with your desired roommate.

Gender Identity

Applicants may indicate a preference to be assigned by their legal sex or as gender neutral.

Those who indicate a gender-neutral preference during the housing application process commit to living in a bedroom or suite occupied by other students who also prefer gender inclusive housing, regardless of their legal sex.

Gender inclusive participants will receive placement within the same bedroom and suite as other gender inclusive residents. This means that the students living within the resident’s immediate bedroom and/or suite can be of any legal sex. Should a vacancy arise within a gender-neutral suite, this space will be filled by any applicant that has a gender-neutral preference, whether or not the suite residents know the applicant. Applicants who select the gender-neutral preference should therefore be willing to live with any other resident who is participating in gender inclusive housing.

If two housing applicants of differing legal sexes would like to create a roommate group, they must both select gender neutral identity.

Participants who change their mind about gender inclusive living can submit a request to change their preference from gender neutral to male- or female-identified, with the understanding that our ability to accommodate requests for such changes are contingent upon space availability and timing of the submitted request. To submit a request, please email housing@nyu.edu.

Important Note: In the event a gender-neutral suite cannot be filled with students who have elected to participate in gender inclusive housing, Residential Life and Housing Services will likely reassign/consolidate members of the suite based on their legal sex.

How to Request Roommates/Suitemates

Applicants may form roommate groups of 2 members. Applicants can be part of only one group at a given time.

  • The applicant who creates the roommate group is the group leader. The group leader creates the group for the other applicant to join by establishing a group name and password. The group leader must share the group name and password with the other applicant who wishes to join the group.

  • The other applicant can join the group by submitting the group name and password on the roommate group step of their application.

  • Both group members must have the same gender designation: male identified, female identified, or gender neutral.

  • Both applicants should join the roommate group within 2 days of each other.

  • The group leader will need to accept the other person’s request to join the roommate group. As long as the roommates’ gender and building and room type selections match, the group will be automatically verified. If a roommate group cannot be verified, it may be due to mismatched building and room type selections.

  • Please be aware that after you have been assigned to a specific room space, you will no longer be able to make changes to your roommate group.

  • Members of a pre-arranged summer housing group can only form a roommate group with other members of their housing group.

  • A resident who did not form a roommate group in the initial application process but later wishes to may still form a roommate group in some cases. Usual roommate group requirements of matching affiliation, gender identity, and room type preferences apply. If the roommates have already been notified of their hall and room type assignments at the time of request, both must be assigned to the same hall and room type.

Summer Housing will make a reasonable effort to accommodate these requests even if the applicants’ dates of completion vary. The applications will be processed based on the date the second application in the grouping is submitted.

Please note that if a roommate group leader cancels their application, the roommate group will be automatically cancelled as well.

Please note the following important information about roommate requests

If an applicant joins a group but does not complete their application, the application may be separated from the other group member. Applicants who join a group after the 2-day joining period may be separated from the other group member.

If space becomes limited and only one of the applicants in a roommate group is enrolled for summer courses, then their applications may be separated with the enrolled applicant being assigned before the non-enrolled applicant.

Please note that specific rooms are assigned shortly before a resident’s arrival. If you are assigned to the same building and room type as your requested roommate, this does not necessarily mean you have been assigned together.