Living in NYU Summer Housing does not require enrollment at NYU, however, priority is given to applications from academic year NYU students and applicants registered for credit and non-credit summer courses at NYU.

Applicants fall under the following categories:

NYU-Affiliated Applicants

Most NYU academic year students, including those without summer involvement with the University, are considered NYU-affiliated.

Non-NYU applicants who take an NYU course, work at NYU, or participate in an NYU program during the summer are also considered NYU-affiliated.

Affiliated applicants are given priority in the summer housing process and are eligible to live specific residence halls.

Non-NYU, Non-Affiliated Applicants

All other applicants are considered non-affiliated and are housed on a first-come, first-served basis and are eligible to live in specific residence halls. If an applicant’s affiliation status changes due to enrollment in a course, participation in an NYU program, or commencement of work for an NYU department, the applicant should follow the instructions listed on the Changes page.


Health Insurance Requirement

Non-NYU students who will not be enrolled for summer coursework at NYU are not eligible to access the NYU Student Health Center. Having access to health care while living in NYU residence halls is a requirement. This requirement is designed to ensure that non-NYU students who need urgent and preventative health and mental health care receive ongoing care and protect themselves and the NYU community.

It is highly recommended that you have health insurance coverage that meets the following criteria:

If you do not have health insurance that meets these criteria or other financial resources to cover your health needs while you are in NYU Summer Housing, you will not be able to proceed with your application.