To change or enroll in a meal plan please visit the NYU Dining Portal.

Meal Plans

Residents with meal plans can use meals and dining dollars by presenting their NYU ID card at dining facilities.

Each time you enter an “all you care to eat” dining hall or check out at an à la carte dining facility, one meal is subtracted from the plan. Unused meals do not carry over week to week.

Dining Dollars are accepted as cash in all NYU dining locations. They work on the same principle as debit cards. You can use your Dining Dollars to purchase individual items from retail dining locations. Unused Dining Dollars do carry over week to week but are not refundable at the end of your stay in NYU Housing.

All residents assigned to a traditional residence hall will be assigned to the 8 meal plan (8 meals and $30 Dining Dollars per week) unless they indicate a preference for a different plan. Meal plans are required for residents of traditional-style halls (no kitchens) and are optional for residents of apartment-style halls (with kitchens).

The following meal plans are available for Summer 2022:

8 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


10 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


12 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


17 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


21 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


Dining Locations

Location Hours



Goddard Hall
45 West 4th Street

Coffee & other beverages, to go sandwiches and snacks. What's on the Menu?

Dunkin’ Donuts

University Hall
110 East 14th Street

Donuts, muffins, bagels, coffee, & other beverages

Whats on the menu?

The Market at Downstein

5 University Place, Lower Level

An array of options ranging from prepared sandwiches and salads to fresh produce and on the go snacks

Downstein Dining Hall

5 University Place, Lower Level

Hot foods from all over the globe, vegetarian, gluten-free, and healthy options

Whats on the menu?


Bridgeview Market

6 MetroTech Center

To-go and ready to eat items like sandwiches, fresh produce, and on the go snacks.

What's on the Menu?

Jasper Kane Cafe

6 MetroTech Center

What's on the Menu?